The Hotsai banquet hall strictly selects high-quality agricultural products and fresh ingredients,
The hotel has a banquet hall that provides both Chinese and western breakfast made of strictly selected,
high-quality agricultural products and fresh ingredients.
The banquet room is tall without columns so guests can enjoy a broad view covering an area of 1,
320 m2. The banquet venue can accommodate up to 100 round tables
(10 people per table) so is ideal for events such as meetings, wedding banquets, dinners and other special activities.

Hotsai banquet hall of The Brick Hotel
Address: No.209, Taizi Blvd., Taibao City, Chiayi County

💥Reservations: please contact (05) 362-3223, transfer 801 or 802 (banquet hall).
💥Group discount: (05)3621339 (Marketing Department).

Please park in the second parking lot of The Brick Hotel (entrance and exit at Jiankang Road)